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Kentucky woman accused of engaging in 911 hoax

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

What began as a frightening 911 call to the Platte County Dispatcher on Saturday night ended hours later with local authorities learning the call was a hoax.

According to officials at the Platte County Sheriff’s Department, dispatch received a call about an 18-year-old Kentucky woman who had come to the Kansas City area to be with the boyfriend she had met on the Internet.

The call to 911 stated she was lying bleeding in a ditch along Interstate 29 near the Kansas City International Airport. She stated strangers had abducted, raped and stabbed her and left her in a ditch to die.

The Platte County Sheriff’s Department, along with two helicopters from the Kansas City Police Department and Kansas City Fire Department rescue personnel. The search involved numerous police and sheriff’s officers, fire department rescue workers and Verizon Wireless personnel tracking cell phone calls.

After three hours of searching an area near KCI, officials and rescue personnel learned that the woman had not been in Platte County, but instead was sitting in her home in Nicholasville, Ky.

Officials stated the woman and the local man were planning to meet on Saturday night, because she told him she had a ticket to fly into KCI.

When the man, along with his mother, went to pick her up from the airport and she was not there, he called her cell phone. It was then that she had told him that she had been abducted. The man’s mother telephoned authorities at 10:45 p.m.

Dispatchers text messaged the woman’s cell phone asking if they could call her. She responded yes through a text message.

When the dispatcher called, the woman told dispatchers she thought she was in a ditch just outside the airport near the 15-mile marker on I-29.

Officials responded to the scene and began the search with helicopters flying overhead and spotlights scanning the area.

According to a report in the Kansas City Star, Captain Frank Hunter of the Platte County Sheriff Department, a sergeant asked the woman, “‘Can’t you hear the sirens? Can’t you see the lights?’”.

Halfway through the search, officials began to question the legitimacy of the report.

“All of our cell phone batteries have gone dead, but she is still talking on her cell phone from a ditch,” Hunter stated.

Verizon Wireless was contacted for help and they determined the cell phone tower she was using was located near Nicholasville, Ky.

Dispatchers notified the Nicholasville police, who located her address.

According to Hunter, the Platte County Sheriff’s sergeant was on the phone with the woman when the Nicholasville police arrived at her front door.

“She hung up immediately,” Hunter was quoted as saying.

The officer called back and a Nicholasville police officer answered
Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd told The Landmark this week he is awaiting reports from investigators on the case, and expects charges to be filed against the woman in the near future.


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