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City leaders say it's not all 'doom and gloom'
Alderman says positive projects underway at Dearborn
by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

It is well known that the City of Dearborn has had its share of problems over the last several months, but what may not be as well known is there are many projects city officials are working on to highlight the community’s assets.

One of the projects that will soon come to light at Dearborn is the development of a new $250,000 city park along with a 3/4 mile walking trail.

The City of Dearborn Municipal Park, which will sit on approximately 10 acres of land west of the North Platte School football field, will feature a regulation baseball diamond, basketball court, soccer field, concession stand, picnic benches, playground equipment and an extended parking lot that will be utilized by the park and the school district. Across the street from the park, located on approximately six acres, the city is also in the process of developing the walking trail and a open recreational area for residents.

“When Platte County did a survey (for their parks and recreation system), they spoke of having little jewels in a necklace. The idea was to connect the Platte County parks system through a walking trail,” said Dearborn alderman Gary Bomar. “We chuckled a little bit when the subject of our jewel came up because it was a little less than a jewel. But it has become a real jewel.”

County grant money is helping considerably to fund both the park and walking trail projects. Bomar said the city’s intent is to have the park’s ballfield operations for spring baseball for the high school and for summer city league baseball. The basketball court, the walking trail and the other amenities are planning to be completed as resources become available. However, Bomar hopes the walking trail will be available for use by next spring.

Another highlight in the City of Dearborn that will soon be recognized is a promise that was made during last fall’s election campaign.

“One of the key election promises was to repair the south side of Third Street in the downtown area,” said Bomar. “Right now it’s very difficult for seniors to access the area and water runoff for the area has become a big issue affecting businesses.”

While curb and sidewalks are already in place, Bomar said the city will be installing a handicap ramp, along with installing a culvert underneath for stormwater run-off, which is expected to be complete in October.

“These improvements will make it substantially easier for all of the citizens of Dearborn to have access to the post office,” stated Bomar.

According to Bomar, the city has also started to address the need of keeping its community clean and tidy. One way the city began to address the issue was by implementing a new ordinance regarding weed control and home maintenance by the residents of Dearborn.

“Literally we had to start over from scratch in regards to cleaning up Dearborn with the writing of this new ordinance,” said Bomar.

“Now the entire board of aldermen is the commission for that ordinance. The board appoints inspectors for each individual case so now it’s not one specific board member responsible for ticking someone off. They bring their findings back to the board and we take their recommendation and decide what to do. It takes the burden off of one person's shoulders and puts it on the entire board, where it should be.”

Bomar added, “If they (the residents) see positive, forward-thinking by the board who’s interested in cleanliness and tidiness, then they’ll be willing to jump on board. It’s a direct reflection that they know that we’re dedicated to doing this and that the board in place now is interested in keeping Dearborn clean, tidy and nice for anyone who wants to come in and take a look at us.”

Bomar said that the city is also working to finalize an agreement which will help create another jewel for the community.

“We are currently in the process of selling off the former Dearborn City Park. The purchaser of the land has the intention to form a single family housing development and has brought us plans and we have signed off on the plans with certain stipulations,” stated Bomar.

The sale of the land will not only benefit the city with additional development but will also bring benefits to the current residents of Dearborn.

“The money from the sale will help reduce the debt of having to bring in water from Kansas City thereby keeping us able to maintain a consistent water cost for citizens,” said Bomar.

“This promises to be another jewel in Dearborn’s crown. The development will help bring people to Dearborn,” he added. “There’s an outstanding number of people driving between St. Joe and Kansas City each day. As time goes along people are going to look for somewhere to go in the middle. We’re hoping to attract those people that either live in Kansas City or in St. Joe.”

Bomar anticipates that the developer will be closing on the property within a few days.

“If I were one of those traveling back and forth from St. Joe to Kansas City and drove into Dearborn within the next six months and saw all the things going on I would feel like the town is progressing and would want to move into a town whose leadership has an eye on the future,” said Bomar.

For Bomar it’s important for everyone to understand that these accomplishments that Dearborn will be experiencing wouldn’t have been possible without the help of city officials.

“This board is dedicated to seeing that this happens on their watch and they want to make sure these things are available and usable on their watch. It’s the dedication of the people involved-like employees, the board and citizens-all in concert for one common good and that’s for the community of Dearborn,” he stated.



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